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Here after are listed all the articles people had submitted or postings to the mailing list that had been formatted into articles.
George Cloward is relating the results of his observations of addicted people during several years.
He is reporting several behaviors usually encountered within addicts. Then he is developing a recovering strategy describing the different NLP tools he is currently using as well as his own interpretation of several well known models.

Michael Doherty is giving us a report of a successfull session with an addicted woman. During this session, he is using all the metaphor work initiated by David Grove. You'll find here all the major aspects of this "metaphorical" work and particulary its great respect of the patient's inner world which allows her to recover from very traumatizing experiences of sexual abuse.

Richard Gray is explaining his way of working to establish futurity and a sense of self in addictive clients. Interestingly, Richard Gray is grounding his ericksonnian approach within the concept of self and the concept of Jungian psyche. This article is marking a very promising crossroad between NLP, Hypnosis, TimeLine Therapy and more traditional psychological approaches.

In this article Bernard Frit is pointing out the key role of adequate decision making strategies for lasting addiction recovery. He is explaining how to "destroy" the old poor decision strategy as he learnt it from Richard Bandler. The article is followed by a series of questions and answers edited from nlp-addict and nlptalk mailing lists.

Within their recovery every addict needs to deeply restructure the meaning of their lifes. That's what NLPers call Reframing. The author is exploring different ways of reframing different meanings that need to be in order to enhance the recovery process. A relation is constantly made with other approaches (especially 12 steps) in a very comprehensive way.

If you want to submit an article about the use of NLP in addiction recovery, just send an email to nlp-addict@temperance.com with your article as an attached file in basic html format or in raw text format.

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