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Join this new dedicated and moderated mailing list !

by Bernard Frit

With my wife Elisabeth, we have been working in the field of addictions using NLP for several years. We are located in France and we are very interested in improving the field of addiction recovery in using NLP or any of the related technologies as DHE® or hypnosis.

Our goal is to share information about addiction recovery with everybody involved in this field all over the world.

We think that the best way would be to manage a mailing list. So every subscription and every contribution to this mailing list will be welcomed.

The mailing list guidelines

We want to share valuable informations so we will moderate this mailing list and here are the criterias for your postings:

If you want to subscribe or to contribute to this mailing list please just Email me at with the following informations:

All your comments will be welcomed too.

To subscribe more conveniently click here -> and fill in the form.

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